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IG: @tashabranham

Tasha Branham is a contemporary artist and storyteller based in New Jersey. She draws inspiration from faith and creation, weaving the stories of women of color on their journey to discover confidence, hope, and purpose through her art. Her works, adorned with florals, patterns, textures, and whimsical elements, reflect her unique artistic vision. 

Tasha employs a unique symbol by referring to women as flowers—a celebration of the intricate beauty of these blooms, mirroring the way women journey through life and flourish into delicate and resilient flowers. Tasha's passion for empowering others to reconnect with their imagination is palpable in every brushstroke. Using acrylic paint, mixed media, and expressive digital art, Tasha creates captivating artworks that ignite joy.

Art for Sale

The Installation, 2023
Digital illustration on archival cotton paper, Encased In Handmade Resin Baroque Frame
16 x 19 in 

Blaze Trails, 2023
Digital Illustration On Archival Cotton Paper, Encased In Handmade Resin Baroque Frame
19 x 16 in

a sign on a window sill

Spread Joy, 2023
Acrylic on basswood, coated epoxy resin

 company name

Bloom Together, 2023
Acrylic on basswood, coated w/epoxy resin

a room with art on the wall