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"Fatou Ridgird (b.1999, NJ) lives and works in both Brooklyn, NY and Newark NJ. As a multidisciplinary artist, she explores the spiritualistic notion that everything is connected-challenging herself to make the seemingly mundane tangible. Through her Afro-Surrealist lens, she works across photography, installation, digital art, and painting to further the understanding of interconnectedness within her practice. At the heart of her work lies a profound exploration of the ever-evolving landscape of self-identity. Through documented grounding exercises that both shape and reflect her understanding, Fatou is dedicated to reconnecting with her inner child, shadow self, and recording her life experiences. These facets converge in a contemplation of her own mortality and these explorations become the product of her future pieces, informing each other as distinct emblems within their respective timelines. Her current exploration involves looking to nature for wisdom and unearthing a greater understanding of life's purpose. The synergy between her art and the natural world forms the crucible from which her visions take shape and a consistent theme is exploring the relationship between nature and existence whilst acknowledging a greater force that resides within both. Her work has been shown in The Newark Museum of Art (group show, 2023), SLA Art Space (solo show, 2023), and the SVA Chelsea Gallery (group show, 2021-2022). Notable Awards include the School of Visual Arts Rhodes Family Award for Artistic Excellence (2022) and the Congressional Art Competition for Best Painting (2017). Fatou has been a recipient of the Newark Arts Renewal Grant (2022) and her work has been published in the special revival issue of HEADS Magazine by U.D.L.I Editions/NADA Maimi (2022)."

Art for Sale

I am Light
24 x 18 in

a bird sitting on top of a grass covered field

Within Reach
18 x 24 in

a pond surrounded by green leaves